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Does this work in Dynamic schema? as soon as I change the type from only "object" to "type": [ "object", "null" ], I get the error: The response from API with status code '200' does not contain a valid OpenAPI schema object.To implement custom validation, we have to create a custom input validator class. Create a class. The class should implement the spring validation API's Validator interface. We need to implement supports and validate methods of the Validator interface. The supports method here checks if the input object is of class type ...

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MULE:FLOW_BACK_PRESSURE while using old Kafka Connector in Mule 4.1.x and 4.2.x runtime engine

Don't be stubborn, find Mules for sale here to find your perfect mule companion. Buy or sell a mule from all around the country today.The map's key type must either be any string type, an integer, implement json.Unmarshaler, or implement encoding.TextUnmarshaler. If a JSON value is not appropriate for a given target type, or if a JSON number overflows the target type, Unmarshal skips that field and completes the unmarshaling as best it can.