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Create a column report to show how the value of one or more data elements changes over time using vertical columns. Role required: itil, report_user, report_group, report_global, report_admin, or admin. To create a meaningful report, you must have the right to access the data you want to report on.


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ServiceNow Admin Interview Questions. Q) If importing data, how do you keep from importing duplicates? A) Utilize the Coalace field to state which field is the unique key. Q) What controls what data users can access ? A) ACL-Access Control List. ACLS is a rule that will match the object (Field or Table) and which permissions are required to ...

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In ServiceNow, you can default field values to improve automation efforts in your environment. Every field on every table, is a Dictionary Entry in ServiceNow. When you're looking at a form, that form is contained of fields. Those fields are all configurable as "columns" on a table.Jul 29, 2019 · Use the Requires role list to specify the role(s) required to access records. Click the Insert a new row… line to add a role to the list. If there are multiple rows in the list, the user only needs one of the roles for Requires role to return true. Condition. Use the Condition field to create the condition(s) required to grant access. Reference fields are one of the most important items to understand in ServiceNow. The database sees a string field containing the sys_id, a foreign key. However, this is meaningless to a person. Therefore, the platform allows you to pick a field that will be displayed. For a person, this might be their name.

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